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I have all my flights in an Excel file (CSV) or note - how can I import them?



  • Markus Riedel

    Understood, will prepare the xlsx-File.

    But how will you recognize to which account you have to import the flights?

    I don't find a place to add an account number or similar.

    Best regards!

  • Alex Nosovs

    Hi Markus. We will add these flights to the email, that you send us the Excel file from. You can find the list of your emails or just add it in Profile – Settings – E-mails for tickets parsing (if iOS) or Profile - Settings – Forward itineraries from e-mail (if Android).

  • Ivo Maarten

    Hi team,

    I tried sending my openflights csv (or xlsx) in the template found here to the e-mail address provided , however, I keep getting parsing errors that the departure date is incorrect.

    Format is dd/mm/yyyy, and I should leave row 1 and 2 intact, correct?

    Is the below format correct? Any feedback very welcome, thanks!



  • Marc Johnson

    I'm having the same issues - getting date errors or "cannot import v.2 trip" errors. Trying to work with Vladimir in support but he may be swamped, not getting a reply from him :( 

  • Vladimir Gubin

    Dear Marc Johnson,

    This is Vladimir, from the App in the Air support team. 

    I have written to you with a few clarifying questions, the answers to which will be passed on to the backend team, so they can help to fix this situation. 


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