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Something changed in my flight, but it was not indicated in the app (report delay/gate)



  • Pierre De Welle

    Do we know why they removed this feature? I can’t report a delay or gate change myself anymore, which sucks because it therefore displays wrong information on my current flight for example (showing a departure at 13:35 whereas it’s been replayed to 14:05).

  • Alex Nosovs

    @Pierre De Welle, we didn't remove this feature. You can report the delay of the flight. Please let me know at more details about your issue, and I'll be happy to assist you.

  • Pierre De Welle

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for the speedy reply! The buttons were not available on one of my flights, but were on my next ones. Must have been one of these glitches 🤓 Glad to know the feature is still there!
    Cheers & enjoy the holidays!


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