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Auto Check-In infinite Spinner when configuring, in Settings or in My Travels. Lifetime subscription.



  • Official comment
    Alex Nosovs

    Hi, Alex. My colleague Noel asked you to provide us with a screen video recording of the issue? It will help us in the investigation. Can you please help us with it?

  • Alex Rupérez

    Hi, Alex. It's just an infinite spinner at this point, it never finish, I have to close the app and open it again to be able to use it again, and auto check-in never happens. Thanks.

  • Noel Khan

    Dear Alex, thank you for contacting us. We need a screen video recording as it provides much more info on all the steps you've done before submitting the request. Also, you can try different Internet sources: turn on/off your Cellular and try again, or turn on/off Wi-FI. A stable internet connection is crucial for a successful request. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance. Noel (you can also contact me by email


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